Digital Marketing ( a brief review)


Not only marketing keeps its place as an important part of a business, but also it has become a must, that each business needs it to survive in nowadays trading world. We can divide marketing to 2 parts, traditional and digital.

What is marketing?

Marketing refers to all activities that producers or service providers do, in order to introduce and sell their services and products.

What are traditional ways of marketing?

  • TV:  advertisements on TV
  • Radio : advertisements on radio stations
  • Face to Face : simply talk to your potential and existing customer and do marketing face to face
  • Direct mail: sending letters and invitations directly to your potential and existing customers
  • Fax: sending faxes directly to your potential and existing customers
  • Exhibition: execute exhibitions about your services or products
  • Product sample: give a sample of your product for free to your potential and existing customers
  • Call: giving phone calls directly to your potential and existing customers


But the world is changing; in today world people do everything through the internet, even for buying a pair of socks their check different websites, social Medias and … because of the Internet, new ways of doing activities are appeared such as: online studying, online shopping, and so online marketing which mostly known as digital marketing! But there is a main question: what is digital marketing?

There are thousands of pages on Instagram that are selling products online, but just having a page on Instagram or Facebook is enough? Digital marketing has a wider meaning. Let’s check:

Digital marketing can simply describe as doing marketing through digital devices for services or products which are offered by companies or people. It includes various fields such as Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.), Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), content marketing, marketing campaign, E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, E-mail marketing etc. and all of them together make a good digital marketing strategy that can be so beneficial for your business.

Why should we use digital marketing?

Nowadays ICT plays an important role in people’s lives, that somehow as human beings we are not able to do anything without using the internet, our mobile phones, tablets etc. we depend on our digital stuff (Mobile phones, tablets, and...) and social Medias that some of us start our days through checking them and then go to work or college.

Digital marketing has different aspects, and one of them is social media marketing. it can overlap lots of our activities from watching an online video on a YouTube channel, to checking our emails.

Here are some analytics that approve why digital marketing is much better:

  • About %86 of people skip TV ads, change the channel or mute it.
  • Publishing an ad on TV cost much more than digital marketing methods such as email marketing
  • Digital marketing is much faster than other ways due "the Internet platform" and "its special ways" to find target audiences 

Sending a direct email is considered as a way of digital marketing. It’s easy, cheap and fast, you can send an advertising email to millions of people at the same time.

So, marketing is an important part of each business that should be considered, and digital marketing is the newest marketing trend which help business promote themselves in a much faster cheaper way.