About Canada Business Management College

Canada Business Management College ("Canada BMC") provides continuing education and Canadian credentials to persons located around the world.

Canada BMC focuses on continuing education, and offers educational programs to individuals seeking to improve their knowledge, learn how to establish a business and improve their business' performance, for example. At the end of every course that is successfully completed, a certificate will be presented to the student.

At Canada MBC, we offer three pathways to success: Online, In-class and Workshops.


Through our Online stream, students will be able to take each of their courses entirely through distance education. Courses in this stream are equivalent to those taken in-class and during workshops.


Canada Business Management College has established cooperation with educators across the globe. As such, we are happy to announce that students enrolled in the In-Class stream, will have the opportunity to complete their course load in different countries around the world.


The Workshops stream through Canada Business Management College, is typically part of larger events such as exhibitions, trade shows or professional travel tours. Students in this stream are also provided with an opportunity, upon successful completion of the workshops, to acquire professional and recognized certificates.