Organizations come and go. Left behind are those organizations that do not respond adequately to change whether internally or externally. The Change Management course at Canada Business Management College is suited for professionals tasked with managing, implementing and helping their organization and its employees, clientele respond to those developments.

KEY MODULES & LEARNING OUTCOMES (including but not limited to)

  • Organizational Change
  • Program Planning & Development
  • Program Implementation & Assessment (Evaluation)
  • Information Gathering
  • Case Studies
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Public Speaking
  • Reporting
  • Research (Qualitative / Quantitative Analysis)


  • Change Management Specialist
  • Change Management Analyst
  • Project Management
  • Change Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Communication
  • Business Development
  • Business Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Planning & Development

Course Summary

Learn how to manage effectively and implement change within your organization.

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