Cardiac MRI advantages

  1. In one imaging session provides a comprehensive and detailed information  including:
    1. cardiac chambers and thoracic vessels (as 2,3, and 4D images)                                       
    2. anatomy, morphology, function, hemodynamic,
    3. cavity volumes, flow volume, flow velocity, shunts
    4. vessel resistance, gradient pressure,
    5. myocardial perfusion indexes,
    6. coronary artery morphology and hemodynamics,
    7. cardiomyocyte micro-structure.
  2. Characterize and discriminate tissues using their physical and biochemical properties including:
    1. water, iron, fat, fibrosis, extravascular blood, any and fluid,                                        
    2. lipids, ATP, CPK, lactic acid, pyruvate, bicarbonate.               
  3. Sensitive, accurate, reproducible, versatile, reliable. 
  4. non-invasive, safe, permitting its use in children and pregnany.
  5. no exposure to hazard radiation and contrast agents.
  6. no fail in detecting extra-cardiac vascular structures,
  7. no acoustic window, age, and weight  limitations,
  8. independent operator
  9. cost-effective,

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