Sales Planning & Territory Management

A planning and territory management course geared toward those already working in or looking to work in sales / territory management.

Writing Tenders & Business Proposals

Apply time and project management techniques, as well as effective business writing and presentational skill sets to the world of writing tenders and business proposals. Students are exposed to business documents such as RFPs, bids, grants and proposals in an effort to create professional skilled in the art of professional writing, marketing, and communications.

Transformational Sales Skills

Gain instruction from industry professionals on how to lead a team of sales professionals and turns prospects into partners.

Behavior Role in Organization

Points and Rewards System - Simple Guide

Concepts: Customer Loyalty And Customer Club The Objectives Of Setting Up A Customer Scoring And Bonuses System CRM System ,Components And Elements; Dos And Don'ts Applications: Practical And Functional Benefits Of CRM How To Bonus And Reward Customers Functional Factors And Key Notes

Successful Negotiating Trends - Simple Guide

Negotiation Concept, Parts And Importance Of Negotiating Techniques Negotiators’ Personality Type Main Approaches In Negotiating( Strategies And Tactics) Negotiating Styles Negotiating Steps ( How And When Is Proper To Start/Finish And …) Useful Points And Key Notes About Negotiation

Franchise Beginner

Franchising just one of a few business organizational structures and forms business operation and ownership. Whether you are the franchisor or the franchisee, you must understand the law governing the business relationship and transactions by way of something called in corporate law: a franchise agreement. Whether you decide to become the franchisor or franchisee, this beginner franchise management course will give students hands-on and practical instruction regarding how to open your own franchise, or purchase an existing franchise and established brand.

Smart Referral System

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