Emotional Intelligence

Higher levels of emotional intelligence are great communicators with excellent interpersonal skill sets. They are great leaders, and work well with others. Some have a naturally high level of emotional intelligence while other must learn to develop, or have developed the same over a period.

Management Technology

Business Management Technology: Receive certification in a developing field with ever growing importance to industries such as records management, information technology firms, financial institutions, law firms, creative firms and other public, private, and not-for-profit sector organizations.

Multimedia Publishing

We live in a digital world filled with interactive media, and mobile devices, which are growing at an exponential rate, soon to outnumber or at, least compete with the Earthís population. Student engaged in the Multimedia Publishing course at Canada Business Management College gain valuable and high demand skill sets in this ever-evolving field. While working with websites and multimedia items such as sound, text, images, and video. From conception through to implementation, the Multimedia Publishing course at Canada Business Management takes students through the gamut of the world of Multimedia Publishing.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a platform for data management and monitoring indicators for the improvement of management decisions even without the need for integrated systems. Business Intelligence is to work for an organization that brings numerous benefits. Business intelligence improves planning activities and allows organizations to react quickly in the face of business changes. The course deals with the basic concepts of business intelligence and students will be familiar with the basic concepts.


Effective branding is crucial for a company's products and services. The Branding course at Canada Business Management College provides students with both theoretical and hands-on experience to learn how to plan, develop, implement, maintain and protect a brand image in types of curation, jubilation, and frustration through the implementation of change management, crisis management, time and project management and issues management techniques.

Professional Selling Skills

This is the Intermediate course to Transformational Sales Skills, and as such is similar to the Transformational Sales Skill course accept that techniques and skill sets are explored at the intermediate level. Course details, key modules & learning outcomes, as well as career opportunities, remain the same or similar.


Qlikview is an in-memory, business discovery tool. And is a Business Intelligence application that helps organizations big and small in data discovery. More than 30,000 organizations are utilizing Qlikview to understand data and to leverage Qlikview in strategic decision making and delivers data visually that provides context to the data in rich but simple format. Participants in this course will be finding the necessary skills to use Qlikview.

Marketing Communications

Combine the best of both world through the Marketing & Communications course at Canada Business Management College. Explore topics such as planning & development, business plans, white papers, publics, SMART goals and objectives, creative messaging, digital and messaging, position, placement, and selecting the right tools, techniques and platform to get our organizationís message across to prospective followers, business partners and clients.

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